I am half way through my pregnancy and I’ve never been better.

Second trimester has been good to me. I’m feeling good and energized (but not for long)

In-laws are off to their 3 weeks of Europe trip and I am adjusting myself to handling the housework alone. Even though they are not a lot, but managing hubby’s daily meal has been a fun challenge. Cooking for him has been really inspiring as he is open to me trying out new dishes and motivated me to keep trying even though I failed so many times (which includes a lot of ‘accidents’ that I almost burned the kitchen!)

Weekly routine of ironing his never ending work shirt and checking up on him if he has feed the fishes and make sure all the lights are off before leaving for work.

Since no one is at home for the whole week, more responsibility for us to always make sure things are in place at home.

Back to pregnancy issues – I just realized that even though my body are doing me good, my feet are not. Every time I squatted down to reach for something from the lower cabinet, or after my sujood during solat,  I would have difficulties getting up. My knees and ankles are killing me.

We spent our last weekend at River Safari (which I didn’t expect the river ride to be plain and boring), I have terrible swollen feet right after the whole outing. Despite not being as strong as before and my knees kept “giving me way”, I tried my best to walk as much, I don’t think hubby would bring me out that long anymore, due to my health condition now, which is I could easily get tired and gasps.

Daily Healthy practice (which of course would be nothing without Amy pushing me) 

  • Taking ‘New Obimin” daily after breakfast
  • Kurma every night
  • Drinking Zam-Zam water
  • Frisomum before bed

Hubby have been reading to the baby every night, and I have been reading the Qu’ran every morning after subuh. We practice this more frequent and try not to miss even a day, especially now that we know the baby can hear us.

No one is more excited than Mr Hubby. The baby has been kicking all the time, and it has been somehow emotional but distracting 🙂

Hubby almost came to tears when he got to know……


Now the surprise is out!

The fun part is coming. Time to get pretty cute clothes for this baby girl.

Alhamdulilah for the best gift from Allah SWT and Insya Allah , all is well. Amin.







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