Entering 3rd trimester

I am 5 days away to my third trimester. All mixed feelings in one. Nervous, excited, everything!

I am totally gonna miss being pregnant. Firstly, I’m gonna miss the special attention I got from Amy. How we both learned and understand how fun does pregnancy journey feels like.

Listening to the precious one kicking for the first time. Not being able to feel it from my skin in the beginning of my second trimester, but he could just listened to it inside me.

Now finally I could feel her kicking almost all the time, and even more during bedtime! Especially when Amy and I started praying together before we turned in, or we had a little chit chat before bed, the kicking got stronger.

This is the time now when the baby starts listening to conversations, familiar with sounds around us, blinking by the lights from outside, and also sucking their thumb.

I am halfway through my pregnancy journey oh how I’d wish it won’t end, but sometimes I do wish this precious one would pop soonest as I am getting really tired so easily now.

I am currently experience cramps on my calf in the middle of the night. I would slapped Amy’s arms of wherever I could reach to wake him up and help me sooth the cramps. He would instantly woke up and sat right beside me and will try to put me to sleep back again. The cramps would last the whole morning and night! I would be like an old granny walking to work the next day!

For sure one thing I know of now, I am not allowed to sleep in the same position for long. I was on my right the other night, an the cramps on my thigh woke me. I have been sleeping in that position for maybe around 4 hours and I think the muscles on my right things are aching due to the non-movement during sleep.

Being pregnant is knowing your body will never be the same again, and never will be. There are some temporary changes and I badly wish it will go away after my delivery. One of them is, my snoring!!!! Amy says its like he’s sleeping right beside a boat when I starts to sleep soundly LOL. I’m not sure whats the reason behind it but I sure had a good sleep whenever Amy is around. He’s so calming and I’m so glad I got him as my sleeping buddy for the rest of my life!

Noticed the tears I have now on both sides of my tummy. Red stretch marks which Amy finds it so beautiful which constantly reminds him that I am now a mother carrying his child. About the marks, I am currently using olive oil to apply on my whole body before bed, it was recommended by my masseuse. It smells good and helps me sleep better! Not only it reduces stretch marks, it moisturizes your skin and so so calming!

I have started to pee so easily now, and sometimes the feelings in your bladder play tricks on you, to go or not to go. So contradicting!

Oh, and I have been receiving gifts for this precious one already! I don’t she’ll be able to use up all the clothes! There are just too many! And thanks to sissy for the cute Tommee Tippee milk bottles, pacifiers, and also baby clothes. Everyone sure loves you #BabyD.

I will soon update again on my journey in my third trimester. Wish me well, Insya Allah.


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