Entering #32weeks!

I still can’t believe that I am having a tiny human being growing inside my uterus! You are a beautiful gift from Allah SWT, my dear love. Mummy and Daddy are gonna love you so much!

Things have been good now, expect for the part where I am getting super super tired after half of the day spent in office.

The cramps at night were just excruciating! It woke me up from my deep sleep and as usual I would woke Amy up to calm me down. It was a painful rush, (like asthma but worst!!).

Amy and I went for our monthly checkup last week, everything was fine. Baby’s healthy and weighing just right. Glucose test went well too!

My weight gained really fast and as how a lot of articles explained, the weight will slow down as I’m reaching my delivery day. I think that’s the reason why I have been experiencing veins-bruises-look on my legs, as I have never been this heavy and my feet had to bear the weight altogether.

I am a lucky mommy to have a good appetite and i don’t simply fuss around much when it comes to food. I ate what’s on the table, and would snack on something maybe around 3 hours later. That is also the reason why Amy didn’t want me to fast on Ramadan this year as I experienced a terrible evil gastric last month! I could’t go a day without food, and especially with a heaty body temperature almost all the time, I gotta hydrate ALOT!

I wish I could have a portable air-con wherever I go! Oh anyway when it comes to feeling super hot during the day, I have always avoided taking showers more than twice in one day, unless I have to. Unlike a close friend who shared an experience with me, she had been drinking a lot fizzy and cold drinks throughout her pregnancy and especially since she was not working, she would be at home most of the time, so she would get in the shower whenever she felt uncomfortable due to the sweat.

The baby turned out to be so sensitive with the temperature she brought in to the baby that the baby tend to have some blue-blacks appearing on it’s skin! Babies are so weak and fragile and we as mothers some times couldn’t control ourselves and would drink anything or do anything to be a bit more comfortable because being pregnant is all about the discomfort 😦

I am entering my 32 weeks and all I think about is going for my maternity leave already. I really wanna stay at work up till I am about to POP, I really do! But looking at the situations now, I don’t think I am able to wait any longer. I couldn’t walk that much anymore because my lower back hurts, and I am feeling cramps on my every steps!

Ya Allah, please I am begging you for strength and I promise I will try my very best to be a good mother.



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