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Entering #32weeks!

I still can’t believe that I am having a tiny human being growing inside my uterus! You are a beautiful gift from Allah SWT, my dear love. Mummy and Daddy are gonna love you so much!

Things have been good now, expect for the part where I am getting super super tired after half of the day spent in office.

The cramps at night were just excruciating! It woke me up from my deep sleep and as usual I would woke Amy up to calm me down. It was a painful rush, (like asthma but worst!!).

Amy and I went for our monthly checkup last week, everything was fine. Baby’s healthy and weighing just right. Glucose test went well too!

My weight gained really fast and as how a lot of articles explained, the weight will slow down as I’m reaching my delivery day. I think that’s the reason why I have been experiencing veins-bruises-look on my legs, as I have never been this heavy and my feet had to bear the weight altogether.

I am a lucky mommy to have a good appetite and i don’t simply fuss around much when it comes to food. I ate what’s on the table, and would snack on something maybe around 3 hours later. That is also the reason why Amy didn’t want me to fast on Ramadan this year as I experienced a terrible evil gastric last month! I could’t go a day without food, and especially with a heaty body temperature almost all the time, I gotta hydrate ALOT!

I wish I could have a portable air-con wherever I go! Oh anyway when it comes to feeling super hot during the day, I have always avoided taking showers more than twice in one day, unless I have to. Unlike a close friend who shared an experience with me, she had been drinking a lot fizzy and cold drinks throughout her pregnancy and especially since she was not working, she would be at home most of the time, so she would get in the shower whenever she felt uncomfortable due to the sweat.

The baby turned out to be so sensitive with the temperature she brought in to the baby that the baby tend to have some blue-blacks appearing on it’s skin! Babies are so weak and fragile and we as mothers some times couldn’t control ourselves and would drink anything or do anything to be a bit more comfortable because being pregnant is all about the discomfort 😦

I am entering my 32 weeks and all I think about is going for my maternity leave already. I really wanna stay at work up till I am about to POP, I really do! But looking at the situations now, I don’t think I am able to wait any longer. I couldn’t walk that much anymore because my lower back hurts, and I am feeling cramps on my every steps!

Ya Allah, please I am begging you for strength and I promise I will try my very best to be a good mother.



Entering 3rd trimester

I am 5 days away to my third trimester. All mixed feelings in one. Nervous, excited, everything!

I am totally gonna miss being pregnant. Firstly, I’m gonna miss the special attention I got from Amy. How we both learned and understand how fun does pregnancy journey feels like.

Listening to the precious one kicking for the first time. Not being able to feel it from my skin in the beginning of my second trimester, but he could just listened to it inside me.

Now finally I could feel her kicking almost all the time, and even more during bedtime! Especially when Amy and I started praying together before we turned in, or we had a little chit chat before bed, the kicking got stronger.

This is the time now when the baby starts listening to conversations, familiar with sounds around us, blinking by the lights from outside, and also sucking their thumb.

I am halfway through my pregnancy journey oh how I’d wish it won’t end, but sometimes I do wish this precious one would pop soonest as I am getting really tired so easily now.

I am currently experience cramps on my calf in the middle of the night. I would slapped Amy’s arms of wherever I could reach to wake him up and help me sooth the cramps. He would instantly woke up and sat right beside me and will try to put me to sleep back again. The cramps would last the whole morning and night! I would be like an old granny walking to work the next day!

For sure one thing I know of now, I am not allowed to sleep in the same position for long. I was on my right the other night, an the cramps on my thigh woke me. I have been sleeping in that position for maybe around 4 hours and I think the muscles on my right things are aching due to the non-movement during sleep.

Being pregnant is knowing your body will never be the same again, and never will be. There are some temporary changes and I badly wish it will go away after my delivery. One of them is, my snoring!!!! Amy says its like he’s sleeping right beside a boat when I starts to sleep soundly LOL. I’m not sure whats the reason behind it but I sure had a good sleep whenever Amy is around. He’s so calming and I’m so glad I got him as my sleeping buddy for the rest of my life!

Noticed the tears I have now on both sides of my tummy. Red stretch marks which Amy finds it so beautiful which constantly reminds him that I am now a mother carrying his child. About the marks, I am currently using olive oil to apply on my whole body before bed, it was recommended by my masseuse. It smells good and helps me sleep better! Not only it reduces stretch marks, it moisturizes your skin and so so calming!

I have started to pee so easily now, and sometimes the feelings in your bladder play tricks on you, to go or not to go. So contradicting!

Oh, and I have been receiving gifts for this precious one already! I don’t she’ll be able to use up all the clothes! There are just too many! And thanks to sissy for the cute Tommee Tippee milk bottles, pacifiers, and also baby clothes. Everyone sure loves you #BabyD.

I will soon update again on my journey in my third trimester. Wish me well, Insya Allah.


I am half way through my pregnancy and I’ve never been better.

Second trimester has been good to me. I’m feeling good and energized (but not for long)

In-laws are off to their 3 weeks of Europe trip and I am adjusting myself to handling the housework alone. Even though they are not a lot, but managing hubby’s daily meal has been a fun challenge. Cooking for him has been really inspiring as he is open to me trying out new dishes and motivated me to keep trying even though I failed so many times (which includes a lot of ‘accidents’ that I almost burned the kitchen!)

Weekly routine of ironing his never ending work shirt and checking up on him if he has feed the fishes and make sure all the lights are off before leaving for work.

Since no one is at home for the whole week, more responsibility for us to always make sure things are in place at home.

Back to pregnancy issues – I just realized that even though my body are doing me good, my feet are not. Every time I squatted down to reach for something from the lower cabinet, or after my sujood during solat,  I would have difficulties getting up. My knees and ankles are killing me.

We spent our last weekend at River Safari (which I didn’t expect the river ride to be plain and boring), I have terrible swollen feet right after the whole outing. Despite not being as strong as before and my knees kept “giving me way”, I tried my best to walk as much, I don’t think hubby would bring me out that long anymore, due to my health condition now, which is I could easily get tired and gasps.

Daily Healthy practice (which of course would be nothing without Amy pushing me) 

  • Taking ‘New Obimin” daily after breakfast
  • Kurma every night
  • Drinking Zam-Zam water
  • Frisomum before bed

Hubby have been reading to the baby every night, and I have been reading the Qu’ran every morning after subuh. We practice this more frequent and try not to miss even a day, especially now that we know the baby can hear us.

No one is more excited than Mr Hubby. The baby has been kicking all the time, and it has been somehow emotional but distracting 🙂

Hubby almost came to tears when he got to know……


Now the surprise is out!

The fun part is coming. Time to get pretty cute clothes for this baby girl.

Alhamdulilah for the best gift from Allah SWT and Insya Allah , all is well. Amin.






Going to #19

It’s Monday and I honestly have zero tolerance to anything in office. Can’t afford to stay still on my desk, because every single time I do, I would fall asleep.

Maybe it’s due to the contact lens I put on for the whole of yesterday (and I took a short nap without removing them), especially with my condition now, my eyes are getting drier each day and all I’m feeling right now is to just close my eyes and rest for the entire day 😦

I’m a week more to my 20th week , I couldn’t wait to for my scanning again! To make sure that little baby is healthy, all organs are good and of course, THE GENDER!!

We have picked a very feminine name for a girl and a meaningful one for a boy 🙂

Appetite is normal as of now, it’s just my whole body have been aching despite the great massage I had yesterday.

Hoping for a smooth pregnancy journey for  me and hubby. Insya Allah.




What pregnant women needs


Being pregnant is a fun journey and can never assured that it’s gonna be an easy one.

Everyone around you will start sharing their personal views and experiences. They will tell you how easy of a journey it was for them, or how sick they could get for many months. Some would say they got shabby when they were having girls and appear to be a pretty pregnant mummy when they’re having a boy.

But listen, every stories you listened to are gonna be different. Totally different. When I started, I got hooked to the tasteful Frisomum and I would drink it twice a day. But after a month, I hated it and even the thought of drinking them made me puke! But as months went by, Amy understood the importance of drinking milk as the main source of folic acid which I really need. With addition of New Obimin prescribe by the gynae. It is a must to take it every morning, during my 3rd months onwards. I had to consume just ordinary Folic Acid tab during my first 3 months.

My love for spices grew stronger. I wouldn’t want anything blunt, and would go for anything which are spicy. I had fish soup(thick beehoon with milk) every single day with loads of cili padi by the side. I wouldn’t mind eating it every single day, even all alone. I used to feel eating alone will make me feel like a weirdo but not anymore. Pregnant had taught me to be thick-skin in public :p

Whatever it is, we must always take care of the food we eat, to make sure it contain the nutrition our baby needs.

Aside to all these positive vibes which may distract me from over thinking, there will always be people around who would make me feel bad about myself as a mother-to-be.

As many expecting mothers out there, we do have our selfish self a lil bit inside, we would tend to be out of control sometimes. Over eating, or craving for unhealthy food.

Don’t panic and remember it’s never too late. But of course, there are food which are strictly has to be out of your diet! That, you have to be discipline to yourself.

Spend few minutes a day to read some info and tips about pregnancy, it helps!

Stay healthy and safe. You’ll tend to be imbalance more now as you’ll feel rounder now 🙂 But it’s okay. Avoid wearing heels and walk more during daylight, lesser risk to topple.

Take care expecting mothers out there 🙂

17 weeks


Praise to Allah and only Him. I am 17 weeks pregnant today. Everything which is going on right now are new to me.

My body feels different. It got weak during the first few weeks. My feet got tired so easily. My gums are aching, I feel like my teeth are dropping!

Alhamdulilah, with a caring a cuddly husband, I would feel better every single time I was about to break down. He would helped me out around the house as much as he can, and rushed home soon after work just to make sure I am okay.

We went for our second scan last December and listened to the baby’s heartbeat last 2 weeks.

Patiently waiting for 3 more weeks till I see you bumbum again and would finally know if you’re a girl or a boy!

Now it’s time for mummy to happily enjoy watching movie marathon on bed while daddy gives mummy a good foot rub. At the same time, it’s about time mummy goes out shopping for bigger clothes 🙂



The Wedding

Hey everyone! Finally after 3 weeks of waiting, we finally received our edited wedding photos together with our huge albums with CD and a 2017 calendar as our wedding gift specially from the cameraman 🙂

It was a lot of hard work invested but it was all paid off! I was satisfied with the results and especially proud of myself how my work looked really beautiful in the photos.

Photos above were all the gift trays which I started off from scratch!

I got the trays custom made by daddy’s dear friend. Got the base grass from Kota Tinggi. Anything else were from Spotlight. 


Some stuffs were from Art Friend 🙂 Seriously only God knows how many days straight after work I spent hours in the store all alone looking for stuffs! I scroll around every isle with the trolley and I bet staffs there recognised my face! LOL!

As for my solemnization outfit, Amy and I bought our own and I bought Swarovski crystals to add the shiny effect for my outfit.


And here it is ,my 3 beautiful girls, who have been with me through thick and thin. Never ever mind entertaining and listening to my paranoid self, being panic and chatty especially when I’m complaining about vendors. They would be there to listen first and give me solutions later on. BTB out there, be sure to calm your tits whenever things go wrong, cuz things will go wrong in a way or another. Be sure to have the right companions who would understand you and wouldn’t mind listening and giving honest thoughts, that’s rule number 1 of choosing the right bridesmaids.


So lucky to have dear cousins who would team up and bought the same outfit for the wedding! Another bonus point for having wonderful cousins!


Well, there you are, my handsome Groom! All ready to confess akad in front of everyone, and to prove our love to the world!


Practicing now….. before my arrival…

So. here comes the brides. All eyes on me yawww…

This is the time when me and Amy secretly peep on other by the corner of our eyes, heh!


Alhamdulilah.. hanya dengan sekali lafaz…

PS: My dad was the most nervous one I think, he had to repeat it for three times haha


Enjoy the rest of pictures ya 🙂










August (Throwback)

***Saw this in draft and realized I didn’t post this -_-***
I finally understood the real situation people have been describing, when they mentioned how tiring it could be if one in the family is getting married.
Gosh yeah it was , indeed! Especially being a person who would want everything to be DIY (if possible), I was halfway dead throughout the whole event, I was able to feel that I could nearly breakdown in the middle of everyone! Wanted to prepare the room for her, the cooking of additional food, the wedding bouquet.
The cleaning, the scrubbing, the clearing of so many years worth of unwanted stuffs in the room. I did not even get to celebrate my birthday. I was busy cleaning and arranging stuffs, at the same time, preparing my invitations to be disseminate to my family members during sissy’s wedding, as that will be the only time everyone would gather before my big day, the best opportunity.
Amy had been sucha great help the day before the big day. I picked him up after work, and we rushed to yio chu kang to self collect the raw flowers, and then we rushed to choa chua kang to self collect the henna, which at the end was of no use because everyone was too busy to be vain and totally forgot about doodling. haha

I could say it was a memorable night, for the first time I saw my everyone there helping out and being happy about it, chatting and laughing away. Seeing Mama Baba being the host, even though I could see how shagged Baba was (as he was working that day), he still put on smile on his face and being so warm.

Amy was unwell, but he was there anyway, he helped out as much as he could, Syukur I am so grateful to have him around and seeing him that way made me feel that he is already part of the family, which he is 🙂
My 2 favorite nieces stayed overnight, and I got to sleep with them for the first time ever in my own room 🙂 They were behaving so well, it was never difficult taking care of them.  I slept at 2+am that after done massaging Mama’s feet.
Woke up the next day at 6am, prayed and off to wet market to collect the chicken meat we ordered, and I can tell you I was furious being there having to squeeze between all the sweaty senior human beings! Haha I wonder how Mama managed it, being there almost every morning!
Sissy’s wedding went well Alhamdulilah. She is now officially someone’s wife and I wished her nothing but the best!!!





And we created you in pairs – Holy Quran (78:8)


Hello everyone! It has been more than a month now, still can’t believe that I’m married!

Especially being married to the person you have been with for the past 7 years, I am glad I made my own love story fairy tale.


It was an awesome experience being the bride for the day, sitting around and not allowed doing anything. Finally I am NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING LOL!


Henna was beautiful, dias was pretty and food was awesome. The best cameraman and best makeup artist. All I can say is I satisfied with everything that happened on both days and I thank my whole family and my bridesmaids and flower girls!


Honeymoon for 10 days, which took me a week to get over the fact that I gotta drag my feet to work the following Monday! But everything went well, Alhamdulilah.





I hereby admit to myself that I am Super Super tired being in my own body lol 

Weekends doesn’t really feels like weekends. I didn’t even realised that my eyes were closed while I was typing out on my computer desk! 

Just too many things to prepare for the wedding , besides the normal house chores. I have this habit where I would rearrange stuffs at home when I find it messy, and then sit and look at it again, and still find it messy, I ended up rearranging them again. I guess there’s where most of my energy went to. 

Well, I haven’t had any coffee today. I’ve been trying my very best not to get in touch with any caffein as I have read and understood it’s not really good for my body system. It gives me bad migraine and dark circles round my eyes. 

Being a bride to be gives me the additional effort to be cautious about my skin condition. Having sensitive skin and not been taking good care of it for years, made me being extra hardworking now. Putting on clean towels every night on my pillow so I won’t have all those argan oil spread on the pillow case and reusing it again the next night. Also , I bought new mini sejadah to layer on top of the usual ones everyone been using at work. I think it’s for the best for my sensitive skin. 

Well, right now I’m waiting for Amy to fetch me from work. We are off to get some last minute gifts for the dulang hantaran and after that we gotta meet up with our cameraman to go through the itinerary with him. I prepared the same to my Mak andam as well so we could always exchange opinions and those experience vendors will always always have something to share, I like it! 

Counting down to 25 days to #hilmiraifinally